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Workshop: Legal Medicine and Expertise in History

SkullA one-day workshop to be held at Oxford Brookes University on Friday 4 December 2009 will explore ‘Legal Medicine and Expertise in History’. According to the organizers, ‘[T]he workshop is designed to facilitate intellectual exchange and debate between academics working on the history of forensic medicine, by bringing together scholars who study the subject in a variety of national contexts and across a broad period of time. It will engage with two central themes: the character and role of forensic medicine in Europe since the medieval period; and the relationship between medicine, the law and wider society as illuminated by the notion of ‘expertise’’. It promises to be rich in identification angles; for further details, including speaker information, full programme and abstracts, see the workshop webpage. Picture: Flickr (CC)

CFP: Identity and Organizations (IDIS10)

IDIS10LogoThe third Identity in the Information Society Workshop (IDIS10), to be held in Rome on 26-28 May 2010, has just issued its call for papers on the theme of ‘Identity and Organizations’ (public or private, local or global, formal or informal). Topics might include, but are not limited to: new identity technologies; emerging practices enabled by identification processes; changing notions of identity; information and identity risks; surveillance and privacy issues; and regulatory and legal implications. The deadline for the receipt of full papers (4,000-6,000 words) is 10 December 2009; for further information and submission guidelines visit the workshop website.

Britain: The Database State

filingcabinet1A new report on the ‘Database State’ has argued that many of Britain’s public sector databases are inefficient, invasive of privacy and vulnerable to legal challenge. The study was commissioned by the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust and undertaken by members of the Foundation for Information Policy Research, including IdentiNet member Ross Anderson (Security Engineering, University of Cambridge). The report suggests that 11 of the 46 largest central databases are illegal under human rights or data protection laws (a further 29 are given an ‘amber light’), and makes a range of new recommendations for the collection and management of personal data and the development of government IT systems. Here’s the report and the executive summary, while Ross has also blogged some conclusions at The Guardian‘s Liberty Central. Picture: Chris Campbell/flickr (CC)

CFP: Political Identities, Legal Identifications and Anthropological Practice

The American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting will take place in Philadelphia on 2-6 December 2009, and a panel has been proposed on the theme of ‘Political Identities, Legal Identifications and Anthropological Practice’. While figuring issues of identity and identification in their broadest senses, there seems to be some scope for documentary approaches, especially in terms of the legal stabilisation and reification of various identity categories and their recognition by different institutions. The deadline for 250-word abstracts is 15 March 2009; for full details of the session and how to apply, see H-Net.

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